M&S Restorations Ltd Company Logo a kitchen counter made out of solid dark granite a fountain being created out of stone

At M&S Restorations Ltd we produce bespoke stonework to meet your requirements. Do you require stonework to fit a particular area, or to create a feature? Maybe a bespoke staircase would suit your home? By contacting us, we can begin the journey to a perfect finish.

• Cutting materials

• Stone plaques

• Restoration of stone and marble features

• Stoves and existing fireplaces

• External cladding on buildings in granite and marble

Contact us for over 22 years' of experience by calling:

0207 538 8364

All of our stonework is produced by experts in West London. We cut stone heads and sills, swimming pool surrounds, kerb stone, bollards, garden benches, street furniture and much more. Our bespoke stonework services are not limited, we can carry out any project to suit your needs.

Bespoke work includes:

West London Stoneworks

Tiles stonework on an outside shelving unit